Thursday, March 17, 2016

Which Would Be Better For You?

I've been onthe medifast dietfor a long time and many of my coworkers know about my experience. At lunch the other day, one of my coworkers asked "How does Medifast compare with Atkins?" Another friend sitting at our table blurted out "What do you mean? They are totally different. One is a low carb diet, silly. The otheris a meal replacement. These are two totally different things." There were both right, in a sense, and I said so. But,there aresome real similarities (and also some striking differences) between them. I will discuss how the two are similar and different in this article so that you can determine which may be better than you.

High Protein / Low Carbs: Believe it or not, medifast is really a low carb diet. All of the foods are pretty low in calories and carbs but very high in protein and fiber. So, with both diets, you'll be consuming a very high protein to carbohydrate ratio. The difference between the two is in the foods that you are eating.

It's pretty well known thatamong theAtkins offerings arebacon, eggs, pork rinds, sausage, etc. Of course, you aren't always eating these types of foods (you can eat some veggies.)It would be unhealthy to do so, but some people onthis dietdo have to carefully watch their fat and cholesterol intake.

With Medifast, you are also eating foods with very little carbs, but this fact has, in a sense, been disguised. For example, shakes, puddings, chili, hot chocolate, oatmeal, cappuccino, fruit drinksand bars are generally not foods that you would associate with a high protein diet, but all of these foods are not only on the "safe" list, they are provided for you. In my experience, I do not all mind being tricked into forgetting that I'm on a low carbohydrate diet. I eventually failed on Atkins because the whole meat experience started to become too much for me. In the end, I would've ran ten miles for something sweet. After a while, it became all I could think about.

HowThey Work Via Ketosis: Both of these diets work to burnyour body's fat in the same way. When your body has enough carbohydrates available, your body will burn these off for energy. However, when you deprive your body of these carbs, your body has no chance but to burn it's own fat instead. Most people find that this encourages very quick and dramatic results.

Convenience And Living WithBoth Plans: When you are on Atkins, you are given a very long list of acceptable foods. All meats are acceptable, as are eggs, cheeses, oils, fats, and some vegetables. Althoughthe plandoes have some prepackaged snacks called "Atkins Advantage," (shakes andbars) you will need to prepare the food for yourself most of the time. Many people load up on protein foods like meats, cottage cheese,eggs, and fatty snacks. Pork rinds are also a popular choice.

With Medifast, you also have a list of acceptable foods, but for the most part, they are provided for you. You order them online and they come prepackaged. Many of the foods only require minimal assembly on your part. You do prepare one main healthful meal each day yourself. But, although you are eating six times per day (don't worry, they are small meals), you are only preparing your own food once per day.

So Which Is Better For You? There's no question that both of these diets are very effective and can allow you to lose weight quickly. The real difference appears to be the foods that you are eating. If you prefer preparing your own meals and don't mind eating a lot oflean proteins,withoutcholesterolbeing a concern, you may be better off with Atkins.

However, for folks like me who just can not load up on meat and eggs forever, medifast seems more appealingbecause you are eating foods that don't really register as high protein and taste more like regular desserts or snacks. Plus, I prefer tolimit food prepas much as I can. I'ma busy wife and mother and prefer convenience overdifficult choices.

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